Posted on: 10 March 2023


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The Second ARWS South America Race for 2023 is in Borja, Paraguay

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Conference 4

Expedition Africa 2023, the host of the Adventure Racing World Championship (19th edition) will be the host of the 1st International Adventure Racing Conference.

The aim of the International Adventure Racing Conference is to discuss matters prevalent to the world of Adventure Racing.

All is welcome to attend in-person or to join online. The conference will invite submissions and topics for discussion from all persons that have an interest in the future of Adventure Racing.

This 19th edition of the Adventure Racing World Championship will be the most represented World Championship in the history of Adventure Racing and provide the ideal opportunity for an inclusive and unified conference of sharing the vision, growth, development and improvement of the sport of Adventure Racing.

We invite all Athletes, Referees, Race Directors, Federations, Associations, Media and Sponsors to be part of this 1st International Conference dedicated to provide a platform of discussion for all adventure racers and persons and bodies relevant to adventure racing.

The International Adventure Racing Conference will consists of three modules.

  1. Referee conference.
  2. Race Directors Conference
  3. Athletes conference

PROPOSED IDEAS FOR AGENDA: (as received from interested parties)

  1. Environmental and green AR policy
  2. Nationality rules
  3. Official all male team category.

The International Adventure Racing Conference will take place on Saturday 28 October 2023 from 8h00 am, South African time.

Click here to visit the official invite to the 1st International Adventure Racing Conference: International AR Conference Invite

On 1 March 2023 interested parties will be able to register for the conference, summit presentations to be made or topics to be discussed at the conference.

In November 2024, the second International Adventure Racing Conference will be hosted by Huairasinchi in Ecuador, the host of the 2024 Adventure Racing World Championship (20th edition).